Monday, June 15, 2020

Progress and some colour

Here it is the start of another week, and I am happy to say that I was able to make a bit of progress on a few things this week. We are still in phase 1 of getting things back to nRoses - June 7ormal here so that means that most things are still closed and businesses are working remotely as much as possible. Parts of Ontario have started to allow restaurants and more businesses to open but in the Toronto area, we are still waiting for that to happen.

Roses - June 14Roses - this week I didn't get as much stitching done on Roses but at least I was able to get the bud completed and have now started on another large rose.  it is nice to see that it is slowly coming together.  I would love to see this piece finished soon, so that means that I am going to need to focus on it and see how it goes.

It is nice when I can sit and work on this piece a little bit at a time and see more and more progress on it.  Again I try and work on it a bit each day even if I can only get one thread completed.  This week is a good example of how much I can get done when I work on it either one or two threads a day.

I hope to continue to work on this piece and see how much I can get completed before the end of this month.  I am currently at 78% complete so now to continue to work on it and see where it ends up.

Blushing - after working on Roses all week, I thought it was time to try and start something new, but with brighter colours.  The piece that I decided was going to get started
over the weekend was Blushing which is another Heaven and Earth design and this one is of one single rose.  I loved the colours when I was kitting this project up and decided it was time to get it started.

This project is a lot different than a lot of the other Heaven and Earth designs that I am working on as there are lots of blocks of colour so it does stitch up a little quicker than other patterns.  I know that I am saying that right now after just working with three colours but I will see how it goes when I work on this piece.

English Paper Piecing - I decided that one of the goals for the weekend was to get some of the motifs finished up for the runner that I am working on.  I finally figured out it was time to work on this project and see if I can get it moved forward after it sitting for so long without attention. 

Saturday morning I sat down and figured out how many of the light and dark blue motifs that I needed to have for the project, and I set to work on getting them all done.  It doesn't take long to make a motif, especially when you are doing something else at the same time.  By the end of the weekend I have finished all the light and dark blue motifs and now just need to finish making all the white motifs.

This week I am going to see if I can get some of the motifs attached to the runner so that I can see how big it is going to be.

We continue to work remotely with our clients to assist them with supporting their staff. It has been good to have the method to continue to work with all of the clients when we can't be on site.

This week I have a couple of other things that I am going to be doing and am looking forward to that.  I hope everyone is staying safe and well during this time, and if you are getting back to a normal routine continue to be careful.  I hope you continue to find the little bits of time each day to do the things that you love to do.  Have a great week, and hopefully next week I will have more to show you on the various projects that got little bits of time this week.

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