Monday, June 22, 2020

Progress so far

Here it is the start of another week and we continue to work remotely
Blushing June 13
with our clients.  Ontario has started to reopen which is wonderful but the Toronto area is still basically in the state where we are still at home.

Blushing - over the weekend I decided it was time to try and make some progress on this project.  It feels good to see some progress and I am looking forward to seeing more progress on this piece before too long. 

I continued to work on some of the borders as well as I thought it would be a good idea to get it moving forward.  The area around the rose has a lot of black in it so that means that I need to start to work on getting it filled in as well as continuing to get the rose itself done.  This project is another Heaven and Earth
Blushing June 21Designs but it are considered a quick stitch because there are larger blocks on single colours in this piece.  It is a nice change to have something that works up a little quicker.

I hope that I can continue to see progress on this piece over the next while as I continue to work on some of the other projects as well.

Roses - June 18
RoseRoses - June 13s - this week I decided it was time to try and focus on getting more of Roses completed.  One of the big accomplished this week was I had to move the frame again because I stitched the area that I had available. 

This piece is moving forward and I have now got to 80% complete and am working hard to see that before too long I can get the rest of the piece finished.  It won't be this month when it is finished but I hope before too long that I can see that I have been able to get it finished and then will be able to frame it and hang it up.
Roses - June 20

The rest of the craft projects continue to get a bit of attention but given the heat and everything else, it is a challenge to work on much.

I hope everyone continues to stay safe and well. If your area is getting back to normal or what is your current normal I am happy for you.  We hope that things start to open up here a little more before the end of the month.

I now have a few items that need my attention today so I am going to go and work on them.  I hope everyone continues to find the little bits of time each day to do the things you love.

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