Monday, January 6, 2020

Progress on some projects

Linen and Threads Mystery SAL'19 - Dec 28
Happy New Year to Everyone.

Here it is Monday morning and another blog to let you know what I have been working on over the last week. It was a different week for me as there was another holiday right in the middle, so that meant things, didn't operate as normal, but now things are back to how they should be working.

Linen and Threads Mystery SAL'19 - Dec 31
Linen and Threads Mystery SAL'19 - I was able to at least get the outside border of this design completed this week.  I decided that working on the border one area at a time was what I needed to do so, that is what I did. 

I now have the butterfly section to finish, and I will be working on that a little bit at a time to ensure that I don't mess up any of the butterflies.  I am looking forward to getting this piece finished, but I also have other projects that are currently making me happy so, they are getting more attention than this design.

Linen and Threads have also released their 2020 Mystery SAL, and I will be working on it.  The fabric is sitting, and some of the threads are ready, so now I need to put it all together and see when I will start working on this design.  It is a quaker and family design, so looking forward to seeing how it turns out at the end of the year.

Mini Farewell to Anger - Jan 1/2019
Mini Farewell to Anger - here is a piece that I started on January 1, 2019, and it got exactly one day of work last year.  I am not sure what happened to prevent me from moving it forward, but I have decided that 2020 is the year that this piece gets some attention, and maybe I will see how things go on it.
Mini Farewell to Anger - Jan 3

I picked this piece up on January 1st, 2020 and have made some progress on it so, that is nice to see. I hope to be able to continue to get this piece moved forward over the next few months, but only time will tell.  I know that the section I am working on right now is pretty dull, but once I move up even a little bit, the colours will start to be added in, and I look forward to seeing what they look like on this piece.

Mini Farewell to Anger won't be a piece that is probably finished in 2020, but at least I would like to see some progress on it and that is the main thing.
Mini The Forgotten - Dec 28

Mini The Forgotten - here is a piece that I started December 21st, 2019 and I have also picked it as a project that I would like to see moved forward in 2020. 

Mini The Forgotten - Jan 5
This piece is a lot of the greys and black, so there isn't a lot of colour in this piece, but it is a piece that I am looking forward to seeing more progress on in 2020.  I would like to see that being able to focus on a couple of projects will help me get more things accomplished instead of bouncing around between as many pieces as I did last year. 

Goals for 2020 - I don't have any major goals for 2020 other than try and work on some projects and get them moved forward. I don't get the goals any longer as I never know how much time I will have to work on my crafting as work keeps me busy.  I still want to try and ensure that I can find even a few minutes each day to do something that I enjoy and that is the main goal for this year.

My other crafts are still moving forward very slowly, so there aren't any pictures currently as there isn't much progress.  I will see how this month goes and I will see what projects get the attention when I have the time to work on each of them.

I hope everyone had a great holiday over the last couple of weeks, and now that things are getting back to normal, it is time for me to get the work done that is currently sitting on my desk.  Have a great week and I hope that you also find a little bit of time each day to do the things that you love.

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