Monday, December 30, 2019

Progress on some pieces

Linen and Threads Mystery SAL'19 - Dec 20
Here it is Monday morning, and I hope everyone had a great week.  For those that celebrated Christmas, I hope that you had a wonderful day. I was able to find a little bit of time to do some crafting this past week, and that makes me feel pretty good.

Linen and Threads Mystery SAL'19 - Dec 28
Linen and Threads Mystery SAL'19 - I decided last week that I was going to sit and focus on trying to get one of the borders finished on the piece by the end of the month instead of trying to get it all done.  I still have to finish off the November section, which I am getting closer to doing, and then I will have the rest of the December section to go.

The November border is going pretty quickly as it is just three rounds of the piece, so hopefully, before the end of the month, I will have it done.  I will work on the December section a bit at a time, and I know it will be something that is on my list to complete early in 2020.

The next design is being released January 1st, so I will see what that looks like, and it will be a project that I will be hopefully starting early in January.

Mini The Forgotten - Dec 20

Mini the Forgotten - this piece got a little bit of attention as well this week but not as much as I had hoped.  I am slowly starting to fill in some of the areas at the bottom of the piece and will see how it goes.

Mini the Forgotten - Dec 28
I am going to see if I can try and focus on this project a bit more in 2020 as it would be nice to see at least one or two of my Heaven and Earth Designs get some love.

I know that it doesn't look like much right now, but hopefully, after a couple more months of stitching on it, we might be able to see a bit more of the detail of the entire piece.

Winter ornament - Dec 27
Ornaments - I ended up sitting and working on one more of the ornaments that I wanted to do after Christmas.  Winter was a project that I could sit and work on while watching some videos that I wanted to see.  The fabric that I used for this was what I found at Dollarama in the Christmas section, and I figured I should be able to get some ornaments stitched up on it quickly.  The snowflakes are printed on the piece, so it gives it a background, so that made the stitching a little easier.  I will be working on more of these ornaments over the next while, as it is nice having some quick stitch pieces around.

2020 - my goal for 2020 is to work on some more of my projects and see what I can get moved forward.  I hope to start the Linen and Threads Mystery SAL early in January, and I have some other projects that I will be pulling out and seeing what I can get done on them.  All my crafting goals will depend on how much time I have to work on them, so only time will tell.

This is my last blog for 2019, so I would like to thank everyone for reading my posts this last year and hope you will continue to read them.  I hope everyone has a Happy New Year and all the best in 2020.

May you find the time to do what you love each day, even if it is just for a few minutes.  See you in 2020.

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