Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Moving things forward and a finish

Linen and Threads Mystery SAL - June 23
Here it is the beginning of another week and I actually have something to show.

Linen and Threads Mystery SAL - June 29
Linen and Threads Mystery SAL - now this is a project that I was determined to work on in June as I wanted to get the May section of it done.  I finally was able to get the section finished on June 29th so that means that I could finally start working on the June/July section.

The June/July section is a big section so that is going to take me some time to get it done but I have at least been able to make a bit of a start on it.  I hope that over the rest of July that I can get close if not finished the section so that I am back being caught up on this piece.

Linen and Threads Mystery SAL - July 2
The other nice thing about this piece is knowing that I have been able to start close to being caught up so hopefully by the end of the I will have a finish either in December or early in January 2019.

Temperature - June 24
Temperature - this piece finally got some attention this week and it made me happy as I was finally able to get the April temperatures finished.  Yes, I am still way behind but I am thinking that now that I have figured out a method of stitching this piece it might go a little quicker or at least I am hoping that it will.

Temperature - July 1
The other thing about this piece is now that I am stitching into May the brighter colours are now starting to appear more often and that makes me feel so much better.  I know that even in May we had a couple of extremely warm days so the brightest colour will be appearing shortly.

I am hoping that in July I will be able to focus on getting this piece also worked on as I would like to see that I am getting closer to being caught up and not two months behind like I am currently.

Pink Shawl - finished
Pink Shawl - this is the project that I have been working on and didn't want to post a picture of until it was finished and gifted to the person.

Pink Shawl - close-up
The shawl was a Bernat pattern that was included on the ball of yarn and it knit up relatively quickly.  I didn't work on it as much as I had hoped when I first started it but I knew that I wanted it finished in June so that meant that after a few days of working around 2,000 stitches a day I was able to have a finish.

The shawl was gifted on Friday and hopefully, the person receiving it will enjoy wearing it.

I will be knitting this shawl again as I have a skein of the yarn in a Teal colour and I would like to get it finished so that I can wear my version of the same shawl when the temperature cools off some.  Right now, the weather is pretty hot and humid here so there isn't any need for a shawl as we are having days of 35C and with a humidex of around 42C and the evenings are still in the 20C's so it is still pretty warm out.

I have a bunch more projects that I would like to work on but right now I am going to be trying to focus on getting Temperature caught up and even the Linen and Threads Mystery SAL caught up.

I have work that needs my attention now so I am thinking that I will stop writing here for this week and see what work I can get done.  I also hope to be able to spend some time this week in the evenings working on a project as I would like to see some more progress on at least one of the designs before the end of next weekend.

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