Monday, April 24, 2017

Slow progress this week

Linen and Threads Mystery Stitch A Long - April 13
This past week was a slower stitch week and this coming week looks like it might be the same but will see how things go.

Linen and Threads Mystery Stitch A Long -- this piece got a bit of attention and I am slowly making some progress on the first section of February.  I am not sure how long this piece is going to take me to get caught up but at least I was able to make a little bit of progress on it.
Linen and Threads Mystery Stitch A Long - April 20

This week I hope to be able to continue with the stitching and maybe even get the first section of February finished.  I am thinking that being able to at least get that done would be really nice before the end of the month but will have to see how things go.
Joyful World - June - April 16

Joyful World - June -- now this project didn't get much attention either this week so there isn't a lot of progress on it.  I am thinking that if I can spend a couple of evenings working on this piece that I might even get it finished before the end of the month.  Again only time will tell how things go.
Joyful World - June - April 20

When I look at the piece I am seeing that I am getting through it but not as quickly as I had hoped so now to see if I can get the bear and tree finished up this week. Last week I got the bear outlined so that means that when I have a bit of  time I can fill in the bear and then finish up the rest of the design.

Stitch -- after working on projects that haven't been moving along too quickly I found a project that shouldn't take too long to finish. I was sorting some of my craft projects and came across this pattern and decided that it needed to be done quickly.  Of course, the colour thread it called for had been purchased but after thinking about it I decided that I wanted this design to be a little different.  I decided to use some overdyed threads in shades of pink/rose and stitch it on black.  The original pattern was with beige/grey on white so yes a big difference.
Stitch - April 23

I had never stitched on black even-weave or even Aida until this week so it was a bit of an experience working on it.   This piece is on 28 count evenweave over two threads so it took a bit of practice to feel comfortable working on it.  I did find that having good light really did make a difference and once I got into a rhythm it was ok to work on. I have one area to finish outlining and then the letters for "STITCH" and add the charms.  I hope to be able to get this piece done as well this week.

So now it is time to get the work done and then see if I can find some time in the evenings to get these projects moved forward.  It would be nice to see that I have a couple more things finished before the end of this month.  I am not sure how much time I am going to have to stitch this week but I know that I will be enjoying the time that I can grab.

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