Saturday, March 1, 2014

A finish to report

Positive thinking - Mar 1/14
 So I haven't been writing a blog lately and that is because I was working on getting a project finished.  Over the last couple of weeks I decided that I really wanted to get Positive thinking completed by the end of February.

Well I didn't get it completed by February 28th but the good news is I finished it on March 1st so not bad.  I started this project on February 1st and finished the stitching on March 1st so am happy with that.  Now what I need to do is actually finish it into a bell pull.

The piece was actually a lot of fun to work on and am happy to say that I finished something that I started within a very short time.  Normally what happens is I start something and then I start something else and I don't get the pieces finished.

Part 5 - finished - March 1/14
So now that this piece is finished I think I will work on Cirque des Cercles for a while and see how much of that I can get done during the month of March.  I will take a piece of it once it's back on the scroll bars and then will see how I do.

It's been cold out so having some cross-stitch pieces to work on has been nice.  It has meant that I haven't wanted to go outside as much. 

Time to put Cirque des Cercles back on the scroll bar and get working on it.

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ChaosAdventurer said...

If it had been a leap year, you would have finished this within a month. So close.
Now get back to some happy stitching ;)