Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Positive thinking - update

Positive thinking - Feb 5th
The Olympics have given me a chance to sit in the evenings and when I have been taking a break from work to watch a specific event.

Positive thinking - Feb 17th
With just under a week to go for the Olympics I figured it was time to show you some progress on my stitching.  This piece is being stitched on 25th evenweave and over one thread so it does take a bit of time to do some of the sections of it.  The longest time was spent doing the two sections with the flowers as it took me quite a while to motivate myself to actually do those two sections.  Now that they are completed I am hoping that the rest of the piece goes very quickly.  I am aiming to have all the stitching done by the end of the month so will need to put some effort in to getting that done.

The piece consists of five different parts and I have now completed the first three sections so just have two more sections to go and thank figure out how I am going to finish the piece.

Positive thinking - Feb 17/14
If things go well I am hoping to have this done so that I can get back to my Cirque des Cercles by March 1st.  Yes that piece has been put aside while I have been doing this one.

This year I would really like to get some of my cross-stitch pieces finished that I have started instead of just starting more.  Of course, this week I found another pattern that I really liked so want to start it soon but it's currently hidden by DH so that I don't start it until at least April.

Now it's time to get some work done and maybe see what events are on today that I can watch.

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Heather said...

Good for you. You are way ahead of me.