Saturday, March 29, 2014

Knitting again

Triangle shawl
So over the last week I have been working on a project for myself.  Of course it has meant that I have been a little more determined to get it finished.

The project is a triangle shawl and a simple garter stitch so something that I can pick up and put down easily when I need to work on something else.  I have had this lace yarn sitting around for a little while so I decided it was time to make something with it.  The yarn is considered a fine weight (2) and it has sequins on it so I figured it would be nice in a shawl. 

Triangle shawl on needle
Of course the increases are on every other row and when you put it down and pick it up you sometimes forget which row you just finished so in the second picture you can see my indicator to show me which row is the increase row.  This has really helped me because it meant that I didn't have to remember what row I was on I just had to look for the indicator.

Right now it is sitting right beside me because I just have two more rows to knit before I can cast off which is making me happy.  I also have figured out the next project that I am going to make for myself so that is another reason why this shawl was made so quickly.  The pattern started with 8 stitches and right now I am at 280 stitches on the needle.  It is now time to finish this project up and maybe I will even be able to wear it within the next few days.

I continue to cross stitch as well when I have a few minutes so hope that I will be able to get lots of different things done over the next couple of weeks.

Time to go and work on another row.

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ChaosAdventurer said...

And she finished it off in the car just as we got to yarn store to pick up some yarn for the next project.