Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Jewellery making supplies

More supplies
Today I decided that I have been getting a lot of work things done so it was time to take a day and take a trip to pick up some more supplies.  As you can see I had a lot of fun today and now should be able to make quite a few bracelets and earrings. 

The fun part of this trip was being able to just look at all the different jump rings and think of what I could make with the different ones.  I ended up with silver, gold, white gold, antique gold, gun metal and a few coloured rings. 

My stash increase is actually thanks to a good friend because he let me know about this store so I just had to go and check it out.  Of course, I will be going back there in the future when I need more rings.

Now I am going to have to figure out what bracelets I want to make and then maybe this weekend I will sit down and try some of them.  The boxes are actually for gifts that will be given away. 

On the ride home I was joking around with DH saying all the different ideas that I had and saying I wanted to try all of them out,  Of course, while on this trip I found out another place where I get my chain mail supplies is having a sale on Saturday.  Maybe another trip is needed to make sure that I have lots and lots of jump rings to make lots of things with during the cold weather.

Well I better get working so that I can spend this weekend making more bracelets instead of having to finish up things that I need to get completed.

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