Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Another day, another two projects

I seem to be adding more projects that are partially done than I am finishing projects lately. It's suppose to be that you start a project only after finishing one. I seem to be enjoying starting the various projects but really need to start finishing some of those off instead of just starting them.

I am very happy with the projects that I have been starting lately and now I just need to concentrate on getting them finished. My goal this week is to try and start finishing some of the projects that are on the go and now to try and document the process that I will be going through.

My unfinished list right now is:
2 preemie blankets
9 Barbie outfits
2 baby afghans
1 toque

Now to try and finish some of these projects over the next few days.

Well off to crafting I must go.

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