Friday, April 18, 2008

Why I am Craftkitten

I was given the nickname Craftkitten by my now husband because of all of the crafts that I do. Yes I am one of those individuals that do too many things and of course that means I have lots of projects on the go all of the time.

Here is the crafts that I do:


Petit Point
Canvas Work
Swedish Weaving
Sewing (a little)
Spinning (well have a spinning wheel)

Yes I know that I do a lot of stuff and some of it I work on more than others so I keep myself busy. What I am going to try and do is document some of the projects that I am working on and the progress of each of them.

I have set myself goals for this year so now to see if I can actually achieve them. The goals are the following:

Headbands 12

Kid's afghans 6

Stroller blankets 3

Preemie blankets 6

Toques 16

Dishcloths 6

King size afghan 1

Scarves 6

Baby afghan 4

Barbie outfits 40

Now to see if I can actually achieve these goals for this year without getting too distracted on other projects. I am going to try and post at the end of each month what I have done so that maybe it will help keep me on track.

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