Monday, July 1, 2024

English Paper Piecing - June progress

Here it is the start of another month and time to show what I was able to accomplish in the last month. To say that my English Paper Piecing didn't get much attention would be an under statement. 

Popsy's throw - I did pick up and work on at least making a few motifs but that only happened on the 30th of the month. June was a month where I was focusing on a bunch of my other crafts, so this one just didn't get the attention.

Other projects - of course, I have a bunch of other projects that I need to give some attention to so hopefully in the next couple of months I can try and focus on my EPP a little bit more.

If you are working on your EPP, I hope it got a bit more attention than mine did but at least I know that I was working on some other projects and got them done. Let's see how much attention my EPP will get in July because I would like to get back to moving projects forward again. Until the end of July I hope everyone has a good month.

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