Monday, July 1, 2024

Closer to a finish and lots of progress

Here it is the start of another week, and it is the start of another month. The weather has cooled down again but I think the forecast shows that it is going to be getting warmer out in the next couple of days.

Have been busy trying to get lots of work done so that has meant that having a focus on a project hasn't been something that I have been able to do very well. I have been picking up projects this last week and I do have some progress to how for that bouncing around.

Half the Fun - here is a project that I started on our vacation at the end of March, and it didn't get much attention as I was working on a bunch of other things. This past week I decided to pull it out and see if I could make some progress on it. Something I decided to do was to work on getting at least the bottom row of the various modes of transportation completed.

This is a lot of fun to work on because there are times when you are stitching that you don't see what the thing is until you hold it back some. As this project is a mandala it means that I will be stitching each of the items four times so I will be bouncing all over on this piece just so that I can't bored of working on it. I know that it is also nice when you can get one or two of the smaller items done because it means that you have another finish. I am looking forward to adding some more to this project over the next little while.

Lamina Wrap - this has been my focus project as I have wanted to get it completed. The good news is I have finished the actual knitting of this wrap and all that is left to do now is to sew in all the ends and then block it.

This wrap was a lot of fun to work on, but I really should have worked on sewing some of the ends in as I went along because right now just looking at all the ends doesn't make me happy.

My idea now is to try and work on sewing in a few ends in each day so that I can get them done. I would like to see this project to finished so I know it is going to be a wrap that I pull out when I need something to wear. Of course, once I finished working on the knitting it was time to figure out which project I was going to try and move forward for a little bit. There are a few projects in this category so it wasn't too hard to look around and figure out which project would get at least a couple of days of attention.
Penguin Greetings - here is a small project that I just started yesterday, and I think it should stitch up quickly. It is going to be a Christmas ornament when it is done so I will see how quickly I can get it done.

This is a lot of fun to work as it is a lot smaller than any of the projects that I have been working on later.  Hopefully I can continue to give this piece the attention it deservers and I will see another finish before too long. 

After all the stitching is done you thread some small alphabet beads to spell of "Merry Christmas" so that is something that will have to be done just before I get it ready to finish.

Laver  Shawl - of course, after finishing up the Lamina wrap it was time to figure out which was going to be the next project that I was going to work on.

This shawl uses double knit weight yarn and larger needles, so it is so different to work on. It is working up relatively quickly so that is nice because it is something else that is on my list of I would like it completed soon. I am trying to spend at least an hour a day on this project as I would like to know that I can move it forward quickly. I am just over 25% done on this project, so I already have the next project figured out that I want to work one or at least it's the one I am thinking I will do next.

Asymmetrical Lace Knit Shawl - I decided to pull out this project for a little while right after finished the Lamina Wrap.  When I was getting close to finishing the Lamina Wrap, I said that I wanted to give one of the projects that I have on the go at least a couple of days attention so that is what I did.

I added around 50 more rows to this project so at least it got some attention. I am thinking that I might need to have this project in a location where I can pick it up when I have even a couple of minutes so that I can continue to move it before. There are still quite a few stitches in the increase section before I get to the lace work, so I just need to try and focus on it for a while to see progress on it.

Other projects - after working on these projects there wasn't a lot of time to work on other things.  I did try and make a beaded bracelet but that was a bit of a failure, so I am going to try that again and see how things go. It would be nice to figure out what I did wrong and then make some beaded bracelets that I can wear.

I hope everyone is finding a bit of time where you can do something that you enjoy. This coming week I hope to be a bit more focused on my projects so that I don't have quite as many that I am working on but you never know.

Being able to enjoy what you are working on is very important and if it means you bounce around from time to time that happens. Knowing that you are happy, and you are recharging your personal battery is what it is all about.  If things go well, I should have something to show you next week as I hope to move at least one or two of the current projects forward some. Have a good week and will see everyone next week.


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