Monday, January 22, 2024

Some progress and a new start

Here it is the start of another week, and I was able to spend some time working on the various projects that I had on the go. I also decided that I wanted to knit a shawl for myself so that was the start for this week. It felt good to see some progress on a few things this last week, but of course there were other things that took my time, so I didn't get to spend as much time as I had hoped working on the projects that I had on the go.  Now to see what this week is like as I would like to see if I can make some progress on some of these projects.
Star Touched Meadows Stitch Along - December - well this project didn't get much attention at all this past week which doesn't help me get it finished. Hopefully now that I have done some of the other things, I might be able to move this forward. I would like to see if I can spend some time working on getting this section done so that I don't end up too far behind in the overall stitch along. I am now thinking that I will just work on these pieces as I can, and they will get done as quickly as I can do them. 
Magic of Books - here is the next project that got some attention, and this is one of the projects that I am trying to move forward a bit each month. I hope that each month I can pick this project up and get a bit of stitching done on it. Of course, I am still working in the black section, and it is going to take a while to get through it. I am trying to vary how I stitch in that section just so I can see progress on it.
Now that I have added the stitches for this month it will go away until hopefully next month when I can pick it up and work on it again. I am looking forward to seeing if through this year I can get that entire black section finished.
Beach Haven Shawl - here is a new project that I started on Saturday. This is a shawl that I would like to have finished by the middle of March so that means that I am going to have to focus some of my knitting time on doing just that. It did feel good seeing some good progress on it on Saturday so now to see how it goes this week.
Toque - I finally picked up and worked on the toque that I had started and have made some progress on it.  Hopefully I can continue to move this project forward as well even a bit each week. I do know that the shawl is going to be a focus for a little while.
Other projects - after working on all these projects in the last week I didn't work on anything else but that is fine with me. I have been trying to get some work done as well so that means when I have the time to craft, I am picking up a project that I want to see some progress on.

I hope everyone is finding that bit of time each day to take time for themselves and do something that you enjoy doing. I know for me even if it's just the few minutes of knitting that I try and do each day it is something and it does help a lot. This week, I would like to see some progress on my cross stitch as well as my shawl so will see what happens. Until next week have a good week and remember to find that bit of time for yourself each day.

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