Monday, December 26, 2022

Progress and a new project

It is hard to believe it is the start of another week and the last week of 2022. For a lot of us in North America, these past few days have been very cold and windy. I know that for us, we didn't get hit as hard as other parts of Ontario and Quebec, but we have had the wind and cold temperatures. It has been a time to just hide and stay inside. For me, it has been a time to sit and find some time to do some crafting.

Mini The Forgotten - this past week I have had a goal of getting as much of the black done on this piece as I could, and I think I have been able to achieve that.

The focus was just trying to get all the black stitches on this piece before the end of the year, and it looks like I should be able to do that as I only need to complete the top section of one wing. It has been nice being able to focus on one colour and see how much I could get done. Once the black is completed I think I will put this away for the rest of the week, and maybe I will pull out some other projects to work on, but I will see what really happens.

Simple Scarf - now this project got started this week as I have been going through my yarn and found some yarn that I could make into a scarf, so that is what I am doing. As most of these balls were only part balls I am going to be using up each ball and then going onto the next ball and I will see how long this scarf ends up. It is nice to have a project that I can just work on and there is no idea how long the scarf will be. It is just a great way to finish up the odd balls of yarn that I have had lying around for a while.

I had five part balls of yarn for this project, so will see what it looks like by the time all the yarn has been used up. It will be fun to work on this project, as I have no idea how big each of the sections is going to be.

Simple Triangle Shawl - I have continued to work on this project, so will see how much I can get done on it again this week as well. This is another project that is trying to use up some yarn, so will see how large this shawl ends up. It feels great having some projects that are ones that I can just pick up and work on, and I am also use up some of the yarn that I currently have.

This coming week I know that I would like to see if I can continue to work on this project as I want to see it getting closer to being finished before the end of the yarn. 

Other projects - this last week I didn't work on any other projects as I was focusing on making progress on just these. Also, it was Christmas, so getting everything ready for that also took some time. 

This coming week, I am not sure what I will be working on other than getting the black done on Mini the Forgotten and spending some time knitting. Other than that, I think I am going to figure out my other projects as I have the time to work on them.

I hope everyone has been able to continue to find that little bit of time each day to do something for yourself. It doesn't matter what it is as long as it's taking those few minutes each day to relax and take time for you.

As this is the last blog for the year, I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year and all the best in 2023. As someone wrote this week, "May the best of 2022 be the worst of 2023". Have a good week and I will see you again in 2023.


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