Monday, December 12, 2022

Making some progress and a finish

Here it is the start of another week and I must admit that I haven't had a lot of time to focus on getting all the crafting done. I know that this coming week is going to be busy as well, so that means that I need to enjoy the little bits of time that I have to sit and relax.
We have been busy with work and a bunch of other things, so getting time to sit and hide would make me feel better.

New Doors - I did get a little bit of time to sit and work on this project, and I am happy with the overall progress that I made on it. I am trying to work on getting each colour finished so that I can just focus on all the other different keys. 

It would be nice to have this finished soon, but I am going to just have to wait and see how things go moving forward. If things go well, I might be able to see this finished early next year. There are so many keys left to do and then all the border needs to be finished, so will see how things go when I can spend the time to pick this up and focus on it.

English Paper Piecing - over the last week I was able to spend some time working on getting a bunch of small motifs completed. The motifs are easy to work on and something very quick to see results on. Between last week and today I was able to complete another 55 motifs for the scarp throw, so will see how things go moving forward.

Of course, now that I have been making motifs I do need to get back to joining them otherwise I am going to have this large bunch of motifs that all need to be joined together to make a throw. My goal is to try and join some of the motifs together during the Christmas holidays, as I hope to have a bit of time to sit and craft.

Wavy Lace Scarf - of course, this week I did find bits of time to sit and work on my knitting, and it felt good to see some more progress on this project. I hadn't worked on this for a while as I was making all the various Simple Triangle Shawls, but now it is time to pull out a bunch of the other projects that I have started and see if I can get them moved forward. This is the first project that I pulled out, and now I am going to be trying to get this scarf finished before too long, as just getting something else finished would make me happy.

Simple Triangle Shawl - here is the project that did get some attention this week as I wanted to see if I could at least get it finished, and I was able to do just that. It felt wonderful sitting and working on getting this project done. It didn't take me that long to see this piece finished, so that was nice. 

What I decided to do that instead of starting another shawl was to start trying to finish up some of the other knitting projects that I have started. I am not sure how long that I will do that type of knitting but at least for now I am trying to ensure that I can see at least a couple of projects moved from being worked on to finished.

Other projects - I didn't work on any other projects this week and yes part of it is because I was trying to focus on just a few, but we were also busy this weekend doing things around home.

I have been trying to continue to spend a few minutes each day doing something for myself to recharge my personal batteries. I hope that everyone is also spending those few minutes each day recharging your own personal battery. It has been something that I have needed this last little while and am happy that no matter how busy we have been I remember to take those few minutes to myself and see what I work on. 

In the coming week I will see how much time I have to work on my projects and hopefully will have something to show next week. Have a good week and hopefully next week there will be a bunch of projects moved forward.




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