Monday, October 26, 2020

An interesting week

Blushing Oct 18

Here it is Monday morning and I can actually say that I have been able to make some progress on a few things this week. We continue to deal with large number of Covid-19 cases in Ontario and even in Toronto.  The work continues to be remote most of the time which is good because it means that we can limit the exposure we have with others.

Blushing - here is a project that got some more attention in the last week and it looks like that there is an end in the near future for it.  I am loving how it is turning out and now just have three colours to finish adding to the piece.

Blushing Oct 25Over the last week I tried to get some of the black filled in because there was so much that still needed to be done.  I am now down to the right side of the piece for the black and then two pinks that need to be added to the actual rose.

If things go well this week I am thinking that it might be finished before the end of next weekend.  I know that this will all depend on other demands on my time but at least I am going to try and see if I can get it done.

I have other projects that I am wanting to work on and they have been put aside until this project gets completed.  Now to figure out which project will get some attention once Blushing is finished.  I think I will leave that decision until after I can actually see this piece finished.

Socks Oct 18Socks - my socks did get some attention in the last week and the attention they got was different than in previous weeks.  One of the reasons that socks got different attention is because there was a two day conference that I was attending this last week. The conference was virtual this year so that meant that I was going to be sitting at my desk for two days watching various presentations.  It was nice to have socks that I could just pick up and work on the main section of them. 

The sock that I was working on before the conference got some attention but of course it still isn't finished.  My goal this week is to get that sock finished and then move these other two socks forward.

It was really nice having something that I could work on without looking at it while I watched the hours of presentations.  There were some presentations that I did take notes but a lot of the presentations were just ones that you sat and listened to them.

Socks Oct 25
For us this is conference season so I am going to try and have socks ready for reach of them so that I can work on knitting the main sections while watching the various presentations.

ETSY - I don't normally talk about my shop (DLKsCrafts) here on my blog but this week I wanted to let everyone know that from October 22nd to December 31st we will be donating $1 from every grime guard sold to the Alzheimer's Society of Toronto.

I continue to work on some other projects but none of them have enough completed to show but maybe if I can find some time this week I might be able to move a couple of the other projects forward.

I hope everyone continues to stay safe and you find a bit of time each day to do something that you enjoy doing. If you are in an area that has lots of Covid-19 cases please take care of yourself and those around you.  It is now time for me to get some work done so hopefully later today I can work on Blushing and maybe next week have a finish.


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