Monday, July 27, 2020

Progress on projects

Blushing - July 19
Here it is the start of another week and yes we are still working remotely and it hasn't made much of a difference to our work life.  Toronto still doesn't have a lot of things open but hopefully, within the next couple of weeks things will start to open up again but time will tell.

Blushing - I didn't get a lot of stitching done on Blushing this week and part of that was I wasn't in the mood to work on it.  I was able to add some more of the black on the first page so that is good.

Blushing - July 26
I would like to get back to working on this piece but I am thinking that there might be another project that is going to be started soon that might also get some attention.  Now to see how things go moving forward on this project. I am still planning on having this project as one of my focus pieces for a while but will see what happens in the next couple of weeks.

I have been trying to add the black on the weekends because that is when I have the most time to stitch and given there is so much black to complete I figure I would like to see some progress when I am working on it.

The Best Wrap - July 27
The Best Wrap - here is a project that I have been working on for a couple of weeks now.  I am using Coastal Cotton which I picked up at Michaels.  I wasn't sure how I would like using this yarn because when you read it is 90% cotton and 10% acrylic you aren't sure how it will feel once you get started working with it.  I have to admit that I love the feel of this yarn and am looking forward to using it on another project.

The Best Wrap is a very simple wrap and something that works up quickly.  This project has got most of my crafting time this week as I am looking forward to seeing what it is like finished.  I have the white left to finish and then a decrease in the pink.  Hopefully, I can get this project off the needle by the end of the month.

I continue to work on bits of other projects but nothing where there is a lot of progress.  Now to see what this week is like as I have some other things that are going to be taking my attention.

I hope everyone has a great week and you stay safe.  May you find a bit of time each day to do the things that you love.

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