Monday, July 6, 2020

Progress and a small finish

Roses - June 28
Here it is the start of another week here in Ontario and dealing with COVID-19 restrictions.  Things are slowly starting to open up but it is going to be quite a while before things are back to normal.

Roses - here is the project that got most of my free time this week.  Having a statutory holiday during the week also helped as it gave me a bit more time to sit and do the stitching that I wanted to do.  I decided that I was going to focus on this piece as much as I could to see if I could get closer to a finish. 

Roses - July 5
I am still around 3,000 stitches away from finishing this piece but I am very happy with the progress that I was able to make this week.  I hope to get some more work done on it this week but will have to see how things go.  Part of me would like to get this finished up quickly as it has been a project that has been on the go for a while.

I hope to move the q-snap at some point this week as I need to get to the bottom section and then it will be all about getting the rest of the stitches in on the piece.  I am still hoping to get this piece done by the end of the summer so now to see if that does happen.

Blushing - June 28
Blushing - I decided that after working on Roses most of the week that I would pick up Blushing and add some colour to the piece.  I didn't spend a lot of time working on this piece but at least I got it moved forward a little bit.  I hope that once Roses is done I can focus on this piece a little more and see how it goes.

Blushing - July 5
I have decided to leave most of the black area until after I have finished Roses.  It is nice to have areas that I can just stitch when I don't want to count stitches but right now I am going to try to get the colours added to Blushing. Some of the colours seem so bright when I pick them up but once they are added with all the other colours they are working out fine.

Quaker Puffin - July 5
Quaker Puffin - yesterday I decided I wanted to see if I could sit something some for a change.  I had this pattern so figured it might work up quickly and I was right.  Quaker Puffin only took a couple of hours to stitch and with it being all one colour it made it very easy.

I haven't decided how I will finish this piece but considering the size, I am thinking it might end up as an ornament.

I haven't worked on much other than Roses this week as that is now turning into the focus until it is complete.  The hot and humid weather also means that I don't want to do a lot of knitting or crocheting right now so those projects have been taking a break.

I have work that needs to get done now so I am going to see what I can get done.  I hope everyone has a good week and you continue to find the little bits of time each day to do the things that you love.

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