Monday, September 9, 2019

A finish and a bit of progress

Needleworker - August 27
 Here it is Monday morning, and I am happy with the progress that I was able to make last week.  I didn't have a lot of time to stitch, but at least I was able to make some good progress with the time that I had available.

Needleworker - September 8
Needleworker - this project was the one that I focused on when I had some time to sit and stitch.  I decided that instead of bouncing between a couple of projects, I am going to focus on one and see if I could get it finished.

Original Needleworker pattern
Once I started to focus on this piece, the letters quickly got stitched, and then the border and the little leaves and berries didn't take long to finish.  Again this is my adaptation of a cross-stitch pattern that I had seen.  Sure it isn't exactly like the original pattern which I didn't have, but I am happy with how mine turned out.

Now that I have finished stitching it, I need to figure out how I am going to display this piece.  I am not sure if it will end up like a little pillow or as a bell pull.  I think I will give it a few days before I decide on how to finish it.

English Paper Piecing - Sept 2
English Paper Piecing - now this project didn't get much attention at all this week, and I am now thinking that I need to get back to attaching all the motifs.

English Paper Piecing - Sept 8
I was able to spend some time joining some of the motifs, and I am still enjoying the progress.  This week I hope that I can find some time to work on getting the rest of the motifs attached.  The attaching the motifs isn't a difficult task it just means sitting down and working on them for a little while.  The motifs on the outside still need some joining together, but at least now I have started to remove the paper motifs out of some of the centre pieces.  The outer motifs won't get the paper removed until I have finished attaching all the other motifs and I am ready to continue to work on the sewing kit.

This coming week I hope that I can find some time to work on my English Paper Piecing as well as I would like to get some of the Linen and Threads Mystery SAL - September section worked on.  I will have to see how this week goes as I do have a few things that will be taking my time.

It is now time for me to start to get the work done that is sitting here on my desk and then will see what time I have to sit and relax in the evenings.  Hope everyone has a great week and you find the time to do something that you enjoy doing even if it is only for a few minutes each day.

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