Monday, July 8, 2019

Progress on items

Here it is another week, and yes, I was able to get some progress on a couple of projects and a new start.

Roses - July 1

Roses - July 4
Roses - here it is another week and yet another picture of some progress on Roses.  I was able to continue to work on this piece for 100 days in a row but made a decision that I needed a break from it.  I have enjoyed working on this piece each day, but I started to make too many little mistakes that I thought I needed to take a break from it, and that doesn't bother me.  I have been able to make some excellent progress on this piece, and it isn't going away it is just taking a bit of a vacation, and hopefully, I will get back to it very soon.   I still want to get it finished by the end of March next year so will see how that goes. 

I have to admit that it has felt odd not working on Roses each day, but I have also been able to enjoy working on some of the other projects that I wanted to get worked on, so that is what I have been doing.

Mikros - July 1
Mikros - here is where some of my time has gone over the last week, and that is to work on Mikros and see how much of it I could get done.  I am still hoping that I will have this piece finished by the end of this coming week but will see what happens.

Mikros - July 6
The border on this piece did take longer than I thought it was going to do, but I like how it turned out once it was done.  I have now started to fill in all the various little designs on the piece, and it is slowly coming to life, and I am enjoying it.

The other advantage of working on this piece is I was able to figure out a method of getting the border done quickly, and that is good considering another project that I am doing.  The red and white around the entire piece was what I wanted to figure out how to get it done easily, and while doing this piece, I have now figured out an easy method of doing it.  I decided that I would try doing both the colours at once, so that is what I did, and now I will be doing it again on another piece.

MAP - July 7
MAP (Mysterious Adventure Project) -  here is a new start on this project.  I had a bit of a start a couple of weeks ago, but after looking at it, I didn't like the fabric that I was using and considering how large this piece is I needed to love the fabric and what the stitches looked like on it.

I restarted this piece yesterday and have been working on getting around the entire outside of it.  The final piece will fit into a 13"x19" frame with about .75" around this border, so there is a lot of work involved in getting this piece finished.  The border on this piece is similar to the border on Mikros, so that is why I enjoyed figured out how to get it done on a smaller version. 

This project is a mystery stitch along, and I am looking forward to seeing what it looks like once I have it all finished, but that won't be for a while as the last part of the design isn't released until the middle of November.

I have been working on a lot of other things besides my stitching but have enjoyed stitching some evenings even with the heat that we have had in the last week.  I hope that things are a little cooler this week as it makes it hard to work when it is so hot out.

I now have some things that I need to get done and hope that I can find time some evenings to do the things that I enjoy doing.  Hope everyone has a great week and hope you can also find a bit of time each day to do something that you love doing.

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