Monday, August 8, 2016

Crafting and the heat

more baby hats
This past week I have to admit that the crafting has been way down.  Of course work is part of the reason and then the heat is another reason.

The hot and humid days and evenings has meant that I really haven't wanted to do anything other than try and stay cool.  I have been trying to get a least get a few stitches in each day but crocheting has been slow.

Over the last week I was able to finish a few hats which is nice and I have a few more that are partly done so hopefully I can get some of them finished up this week.  I think most of the hats currently on the go are white which is very different for me.

I want to see if I make a dent in some of the yarn that I have to work on.  I received a little bit of yarn last weekend from a girl who's grandmother passed away.  I have promised that I would make some baby hats with the yarn so that is what I have started to do.  I am going to be keeping these baby hats separate as we are going to try and get her to drop the hats off herself in memory of her grandmother.

Santa hat
The first hat that I made with some of that yarn was another Santa hat because I saw the red and white yarn and immediately thought of a couple more of these hats.  I enjoy making these hats and figured it would also be a little different.

I am not sure how many hats that I will get out of the yarn that I received but am looking forward to seeing them come tonight in the near future.  The hats from this yarn has taken a bit of a priority over my other baby hats as I want to get them back to the grand-daughter as quickly as I can. It feels so good working on these hats because I know it made her happy when I said that I would make the baby hats with the yarn.

I have a few more projects that are on the go but have to admit that with the hot and humid weather that we have been having I haven't wanted to do much.  This week is another hot and humid week so I will see what I can actually get accomplished.

There are a few work things that need my attention today so I am now going to try and get them done.  Hopefully this evening I can get a bit of crocheting done but will see how things go.

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