Monday, December 21, 2015

Stitching and some progress

Lady - Dec 13th
This last week I was able to find a bit of time to actually sit and stitch which felt very good. The stitching was actually done on the weekend when I sat down and didn't think about all the various work projects that I should be working on.

Friday evening I started to work on Lady to see if I could make a bit of progress on the one area that has been taking forever for me to complete.  I haven't been spending a lot of time stitching lately so it felt good to see a bit of progress on Friday.

Lady - Dec 20th
Saturday was when I finally was able to get the cape finished and I have to say that I am so happy to know that is finished now.  I am now starting to see the face appear and then I have the hair to complete on this project. I am looking forward to seeing that the Lady looks like when she is finished as it has been a project that I have been working on for a while now. (Started September 6th)

Blackwork Knight by Jennifer Aikman-Smith - Dec 20th
I had another project that I wanted to start this weekend and it was Blackwork Knight by Jennifer Aikman-Smith.  I have stitched this piece before but wanted to do it again so that is what I am doing. This time I am just using DMC floss instead of a silk and want to see what it looks like when it is done. I started working on the Knight on Saturday and have been able to get some of it done

It feels so good seeing that after spending some time this weekend relaxing and crafting that I was able to make some progress on two projects.  I don't have a lot of time normally where I can spend crafting so taking this weekend or at least part of it to cross-stitch felt really good.

Now work is still around so that isn't going to stop but at least I may find a little bit more time to craft over the next couple of weeks.  I am hoping that there isn't as many work demands over the next couple of weeks but time will tell.  Sometimes I have some time to relax over the holidays and other years I have lots of projects demanding my attention.

Today, it is work so off I go to get some stuff off my desk and sent off to some clients.

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