Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Planes, planes and snowbirds

Plane taking off
 This past weekend was the labour day weekend and it does mean something to me.

As we don't have kids' it's not the back to school routine or going to the cottage but it's a chance to see planes flying overhead.  It's the weekend of the Toronto International Air Show so we get to see planes fly around Toronto three days if the weather cooperates.  This year was a great weekend weather wise as it meant the air show took place all three days.

Snowbirds taking off for air show
This year instead of going down to the lakeshore and watch the show we decided it might be fun to go to the airport and watch planes take off and land.  This is the first time we have done that during the air show and I am really happy that we did it.  Another reason we went to the airport instead of down to see the show is because I knew what the announcer would be saying when some of the planes flew by.  I think we have been to the air show a number of times.

Showing off over the airport
So we had a lot of fun sitting at the end of the runway watching planes take off.  We got to the end hoping that we hadn't missed seeing the Snowbirds take off but weren't sure.  Well about 10 minutes before they were suppose to be flying over Lake Ontario we spotted them getting ready to take off from the airport.  Of course I had the camera ready for that as I am a big Snowbird fan.  The Snowbirds take off in sets of three which is a lot of fun to watch because you never know what is going to do overhead.  The picture here is of the first three that took off.  The last three that took off were the soloists and they did a bit of a display overhead which was nice to see.  After taking the take off we decided it was time to move to the other end of the runways in hopes to see the Snowbirds come back and land.

Landing back at airport
We knew the show ended around 4:30 so they might be back quickly after that and sure enough they showed up over the airport not long after 4:30.  Thanks to my sister sending a text message we knew they were heading our way.

The snowbirds did a bit of a demonstration right over the airport which was really nice to see and then they got ready to land.  Where we were standing it meant that it was a great chance to see all of the Snowbirds land.  The Snowbirds land in sets of three similar to how they take off so it meant that I was able to get lots of pictures very quickly.

So the Labour Day weekend is over and now it's back to routines for everyone.  Children are heading back to school and the rest of us are getting back to work after three really nice days off.

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