Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Knitting, crocheting and work

Yes those three words really don't work well together right now.  I have been busy with work so it has meant I haven't had a lot of time to knit or crochet.  The good news is I am getting some work done so that is good.

Now, as for my crafting I have been getting a bit of time to knit or crochet so have a couple of baby sweaters on the go right now.  No picture right now as I forgot to take the pictures last night.  One sweater just needs buttons sewn on it and the next sweater is still in pieces.  I am really glad that baby sweaters don't take too long to knit so I can see some accomplishment quickly with limited time.

I am hoping that over the next few weeks I will be able to make a bit of a dent in my stash but we will see what actually happens.  I am trying to start to get organized for the Creativ Festival as it is just three weeks away and yes I am taking classes again.  The classes mean I end up with a lot of started projects that of course I will want to try and finish as quickly as possible.  (Well, some will get finished quickly while others will hide for a while).

So now to see what I can get accomplished this week.  Maybe I will try to sew some buttons on the sweater and will see what else gets done.

Now off to work.

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Heather said...

All the hard work will just make the Creativ Festival time seem all that much sweeter!