Monday, May 14, 2012

Update on thumb

Thumb splint
So last week I had to go back to the hand clinic and see the specialist so that he could tell me if I could start bending my thumb again after the 6 weeks of keeping it straight.  There was a bit of a concern on my part because just over 2 weeks ago my thumb did bend a little bit while trying to dry it.

Now the results of seeing the specialist is I can slowing start to use my thumb without the brace on.  It still means I have to wear the brace at night, out in public and when my thumb gets tired.  So now for the next three weeks before going back for more physio I just have to try and start using my thumb.

Finding out that I could start using my thumb again without the splint was great news.  I know it's still a while away before I am free of the splint totally as I don't see the hand specialist for 3 months but at least this is a start.

This weekend I finally was able to start crocheting a bit.  I know I'm not as fast as I normally am but at least I can do it without the splint on, so I am not complaining.

So now to just take things slowing and see how the thumb feels each day and see how the bending progresses over the next little while.  Yes slowly is what I need to remember.

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