Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Some good progress

Blushing Aug 30Here it is the start of another week and things are slowly getting back to some sort of normal or at least it might be doing that.  Schools are starting to reopen this week and kids are going back to school.  Some offices are still closed with staff working from home but at least things are starting to move forward.

Blushing - now here is a project that got quite a bit of attention this week.  I wanted to try and see how much of it I could get done if I focused on it and I made some good progress.

One of the

Blushing Sept 6

goals that I had for September was to get 50% of this project completed and on Sunday I was able to achieve that goal.  I am now going to see how much more of this project I can get done before the end of the year as it would be nice to see quite a bit of it done but it will all depend on everything else that is going on.

Another goal that I had was to stitch 10,000 stitches on a project between August 3rd and September 30th.  This was a challenge that was in the Heaven and Earth Facebook group.  I figured that considering I wanted to get to the 50% mark I should try and reach this goal as well.  It ended up that the two goals were only 50 stitches apart so I got both of them achieved on Sunday. Now I need to start filling in other little areas with some stitches so that is my goal for the next little while.  Yes it means a lot of changing threads because in the lower section their might only be 3 - 10 stitches of a colour but I would like the bottom of the pattern finished soon.

Pandemic Aug 30

Pandemic - after working on Blushing most of the week I decided that Pandemic needed to get a bit of attention yesterday.  After working on something with lots of colours it is actually nice to have something that is a single colour.  

This project considering the size of it isn't going to look like much for quite a while but at least if I can move it forward even a little bit each month I will be happy. Pandemic currently is the project that I work on when I need a bit of change from Blushing or when I just have a few minutes to add some stitches into something.

The area that I am working on is the lower left page of the

Pandemic Sept 7

pattern and considering there is 20 pages to this design I will be seeing this project around for quite a while.

Other than working on these two pieces I haven't had a lot of time to craft.  I have tried to get a few more rows added to the baby blanket but that is about it.  I know that things might start to settle down a little bit now that the cooler weather is here or at least that is what I hope.  Work is still around and keeping me busy.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week and you continue to stay safe.  Try and find little bits of time each day to do the things that you love.  It does help make what we are going through not seem quite so bad.

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