Monday, September 21, 2020

Progress and a new start

Blushing Sept 13
Here it is Monday morning and I am going to try and show you what I have been working on in the last week.  Yes, Covid-19 cases have been increasing in Ontario, so that means things have changed a bit but at least we are staying safe and doing what is needed.  

Blushing - now here is the project that has got a lot of attention in the last week.  After getting the bottom section done I decided it was time to work on seeing if I could get to the top corner of the design.  After some work this week I was able to get to the top left corner and also get more of the designed moved forward.  I am happy with the progress that I was able to make this week and now to see what I can do over the next little while.

Blushing Sept 20

Blushing has been moving forward a little quicker than I thought it would go and maybe part of that is because of how much I have been enjoying working on this piece. It is nice having a bunch of colours to add to the overall design but it is also nice to have areas where there are large blocks of a single colour.  I hope to see more changed to this piece over the next week but will have to what and see how this week goes.

I am loving how the various colours are helping to outline the different parts of the rose.  Now to add more stitches into this piece over the next week to see the next sections.

Sock - I decided that while I was working on a bunch of things that I wanted to do, it was time to work on some fun projects. I decided it was time to start another sock.Sock Sept 20

The yarn that I am using for these socks is called Perfect Pair and it is by Loops and Thread.  It is an acrylic, bamboo and polyester blend and I have to admit that I am loving this yarn.  I picked up four different colours of yarn and immediately had to start one of the versions.  Of course, the first ball I picked was the one with the teal colours in it.  I am currently working on a tube sock on my 9-inch circular needles.  I started this sock on Sunday afternoon and by the time I put it down Sunday evening I had completed over 8 inches of the sock.  It is such a nice yarn to work on and I am happy that I got a few different colours to make.  

A lot of people have asked me how I can work on such a small circular needle but I really enjoy it.  I find that I can hold the needle and get a lot of knitting done quickly.  I know that a lot of people prefer using double-pointed needles when they knit socks but for me my little circular needle works great.  I will need to use double-pointed needles when I get to the toe of the sock but until then I will be using my circular needle. Here is a picture of me holder this circular needle and I don't find it difficult at all.

holding circular needle

Other projects are getting bits of attention but really not a lot of attention.  I am trying to keep my focus on only a couple of projects at a time as it helps me feel like I am making progress on things.

I hope everyone has a good week and remember to try and spend a little bit of time each day doing something that you love.  I am now off to get some work done and then will see what I work on later.

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