Monday, February 24, 2020

A week with some progress

Mini The Forgotten - Feb 15
Here it is Monday morning, and I have a bit of progress on a couple of projects. It continues to be busy around here, so that isn't a lot of time to craft, but at least I am trying to make some progress on things a bit at a time.

Mini The Forgotten - Feb 23
Mini The Forgotten - this is the cross stitch project that has been getting the attention.  I was able to spend some time over the weekend stitching and am happy with the progress that I was able to make on the piece.  I was working on filling one section, and it does take quite a bit of time, but at least now, I am starting to see one corner of the pattern getting closer to being finished. 

I really love the app Pattern Keeper as it makes it so much easier to see where the various colours are in the pattern.  I also like that the app shows me how many stitches I complete each day and also the percentage of completion that I am at.  As of last night, I am 9.14% completed on this pattern, and that makes me feel good.

I know that I am not close to getting this project finished, but at least I am seeing that I am slowly marking progress on it, and that is the main thing. 

Diagonal Garter Shawl - Feb 13
Diagonal Garter Shawl - this is one project that I can pick up and work on even I have a few minutes and see some progress on it.  Before this week, I had just finished getting one edge of the shawl stitched, and now I am really working on the main section of the shawl. I need to stitch the longest edge until it measures 60 inches and I am now around 27 inches, so I still have a ways to go.  I love how the yarn is working with this pattern.  I am using Meandering, which I picked up at Michaels.  It is a nice soft acrylic yarn with a bit of variegation in it.

Diagonal Garter Shawl - Feb 23
This week I hope to be able to work on this shawl a bit as it would be really nice to see that it is getting closer to being finished.

I do have another project that I am working on, but I will not be showing it until it is finished as it is a gift. 

I have a lot of other things that I am working on and am keeping busy.  I hope everyone has a great week, and you can find little bits of time each day to do something that you love doing.

I now have to get the work done that is on my desk and then will see if I have some time this evening to do something that I love doing.  Have a great week.

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