Friday, February 21, 2020

A new tool for sewing

Pot Holder
For those of you that have hardwood floors and you sew, I have found something that works great to control the foot pedal of your sewing machine or serger.

I have been looking all over for something that would prevent the foot pedal from slipping, and I finally found something in a kitchen section of Ikea. What I found was a potholder made of silicone, and I can put it on the floor and then put the foot pedal on it, and it stays put.  It is a 7" square and is something that is easy to move, especially considering I don't have a standard sewing spot.

Here is the potholder that I picked up, and for $3.49 Cdn, it is so worth it.  We had picked up one a while ago for around the kitchen, and I love it because it prevents mixing bowls from moving as well.

I know I probably could have found an actual sewing machine pedal pad at some store, but this was a lot easier to find considering we were at Ikea the other day picking up a couple of other little things that we wanted.  I would recommend if you are looking for a pedal mat for any of your machines, it is worth going to Ikea and getting this one.

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