Monday, April 18, 2016

A finish and some progress

Growf - April 9th, 2016
This last week I was able to find some stitching time some evenings and that made me very happy.

Growf was the first project that got the attention and that was because I wanted it finished before the weekend.  I am happy to say that Thursday evening I was able to finish the project and now it is waiting to be framed.  Growf was a quick and fun project to work on as it didn't use a lot of colours and is only around 5 inches so it isn't big either. Of course, once Growf was finished it was time to pick up something else to see if I could make some progress on it.
Growf - April 14th, 2016

Once Growf was finished I had planned to pick up a project that I had on the go but then sat and realized that I needed something simple to work on for a while. Most of the projects that I currently have to work on are bigger and are a lot of colours and take quite a bit of concentration.

What this meant was it was time for another start and this start is something that I have wanted to do for a while and it is only two colours.  The project that got started on the 15th was the Konecny Consulting Logo.  This is the logo that we have been using since our business was incorporated which was in 2009.  I decided that it would be nice to have a version that we could hang in our office so converted into a cross-stitch pattern last year.  It has been sitting and waiting to be started and now finally I have been able to put a bit of time into the project.
Konecny Logo - April 17th, 2016
This is another hopefully quick project because it is only 3 inches by 10 inches so will see when it gets enough attention to get finished.

Sugar - March 17th, 2016
This weekend I decided that considering I had a bit of time that I would pick up a project that I started in January and it has been getting little bits of time since then.  This is a cross-stitch of a Bichon Frise that I took a picture of last year.  I am trying to get this project worked on but it is a larger project at around 10 inches square.  It is going to be taking me some time to get project completed but it was nice having a little bit of time to actually put a few stitches in on it.

Sugar - April 17th, 2016
Of course there are a lot of other projects that I have started that are waiting for some attention and I am hoping to get back to some of these other projects in the next while as well.

It feels good knowing that I have been able to make some good progress on a number of the projects that I have on the go. I don't have a lot of time to work on these projects so I try and get the most out of my stitching time.   There are times when the simple projects work extremely well and those are when I know that focusing on a lot of counting and colour changes isn't going to work.

I hope to be able to continue with my stitching as I have been enjoying seeing the progress that I have been able to make on some of the projects that I have on the go.

This week will see how things go and will see if stitching is part of the evenings.  It's now time to get some work done and then hopefully there will be some stitching time in the evenings.

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