Sunday, March 8, 2015

Donating results of my skills

Square donation
Over the last while we have been cleaning up around the apartment and one thing that I keep finding where more and more squares that I had either made or others had given to me for various projects.

As I looked at the pile of squares as it grew I came to the conclusion that I wasn't going to be able to do all the projects that these squares needed.  I then decided that there are a lot of places that can use the end results of afghans or lapghans so needed a location where these squares could be used.

This past week I had been sending out emails to various organizations to see if they could use the squares as is and not just the finished projects.  I got one reply that said thanks but no they only accepted finished afghans.  I continued to email and the results were a lot of unanswered emails.  Friday I then decided that between Facebook and maybe one other contact I might be able to find a home for the squares.  Through Facebook I got a couple of items, one I had already emailed and another one that only wanted 8 inch granny squares.

It then came down to my one other contact that I tried to see if I could quickly find a home for these squares. If he couldn't help all the squares were going to go into storage for a while until I could find a home for them.  As you can see my one other contact Facebook link for The Yarn Guy (Peter) sent me an email yesterday saying that his stitch group would greatly appreciate the squares and they would make the afghans for charity.

The squares were quickly put into the bags and into the car and were delivered to him.  The look on his face was well worth the emails and the drive over.  He didn't know it was me he was hearing from but was happy to see my contribution.  He quickly put on his jacket to help unload the trunk and all the staff quickly started going through the bags and box to see how they could do with the pile.  This picture was taken by him has he wanted to ensure that his Facebook followers knew about what I had done.

I am happy that all of these squares have now found a new home and I know that they are going to be used for some projects to help others.  I am working on cleaning up so there may be more squares being delivered to him in the future.

It felt really good knowing that the squares have found a new home and a group of individuals now have lots of squares to use for projects.

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WOW, that is a lot of squares.