Friday, July 19, 2013

Crafting and Heat

I am writing this blog post during a heat wave here in southern Ontario. The current temperature at 1:45 pm is 32C feeling like 41C and yes that is very hot. We have been dealing with this weather since last Sunday and they are saying that we should get cooler weather by tomorrow but will see when it actually happens.

So crafting has been put on a bit of hold while the weather has been like it has been this week. I have been trying to do a bit of knitting or crocheting while sitting on a balcony but even that has been difficult. Hopefully once the weather cools down a bit I will be able to get back to relaxing with my crafts.

Like a lot of crafters I am one of those that finds that my method of relaxing is sitting and working on something with my hands. Of course, my DH, says that “I need to stitch my mind back in order at the end of the day” and I so agree with him. I find that even 15 – 30 minutes of crafting each evening helps me regain my focus and I can sleep better as my mind has had some time to unwind from the day.

Time to try and get a little bit more work done, so that I can hopefully sit this evening and pick up some crocheting or knitting and relax.

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