Thursday, January 19, 2012

Progress on butterfly

before last night

as of this morning
Last night I did sit down and work on the butterfly for the evening.  All of the grey is backstitches or blackwork and it does take quite a while to see any progress on it. 

A couple of times during the evening I wanted to put this cross stitch down and pick up something else but decided the only way to get it done was to sit down and continue to work on it so that is what I did.  Knowing that I am getting close to finishing this one is making me feel really good because I already have a couple other ones that I want to work on. 

Oh, on the weekend we were at Gitta's at DH bought me a cross-stitch that I have wanted for a while.  It is of three polar bears so I am really looking forward to working on it but I have one other butterfly pattern that is waiting to be done so that is what I plan to do next.  I figure I need to also work on some of the cross stitches that I have already started so that I can get some of them done as well.  Yes, I love starting the different projects and of course then I find something else I like and start that.  Now this year is going to be partly a finish up some of my WIPs and maybe try to even do one pattern from start to finish in a calendar year.

This year I also want to ensure that I have something that I really want to work on at Gitta's Getaway so that I can make some good progress on it during that weekend.  I still have the project I started at the first getaway on the go and this is the 3rd so let's see what I end up working on this year.

Now to try and focus on completing some of my cross-stitch projects that I have on the go instead of just starting more and more of them. 

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