Sunday, July 3, 2011

June is gone already

It is hard to believe but June is gone and it is now July.

As I write this I am sitting outside trying to enjoy some of this weather. I have been knitting quite a bit lately but don't have lots to show unless you want to see parts of things. I have been working on quite a few projects but not completing any. Currently I have half a children's swather knit and two mittens but of course the mittens are different colours still waiting for their mates.

I think I need to sit and focus on these projects for a little while and maybe make some progress on getting them done. Oh, did I mention I have also started crocheting a lapghan together so it is a UFO as well.

Maybe it's time for me to get off the computer and spend some time knitting. Oh, does anyone know a simple toe-up sock pattern? I have some yarn and want to try some toe-up socks.

Well off to knit for a while and enjoy the quite of my area while it lates.

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Heather said...

Try Wendy Knits website for some simple toe-up socks patterns. I like the one that has the gusset at the bottom of the foot.