Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sock progress #2

No I haven't given up on my sock I have actually been really busy this week with other parts of my life so the sock was sitting unloved for a few days.  I picked it up a couple of times and did a few rows but yesterday I really wanted to just sit and knit on my sock.  Yes it's my first sock that I am actually working on after so many years and I am loving it.

Here is the progress on it as of 12:30am Sunday morning.
Saturday progress
For those of you that can tell where I am I have turned the heel and now working on the foot part of my sock.  I am now just hoping that I have enough yarn in this ball to finish the sock without any problems.  I do want to sit and knit more on it but do need to do a few other things before this sock gets finished.

Speaking of socks, I think I understand why so many people like making socks.  Working on a sock is relatively relaxing in a lot of ways.  Also at least knitting a basic sock isn't too hard and it's something that you can manage.

I know I am starting to be like a lot of people and want to work on socks because yesterday I went out and bought more yarn for socks.  Yes I now have enough yarn for 5 more pairs of socks once I finish this pair.  I have also picked up another pair of double pointed and have ordered a 9" circular needle to see how that works.

So let's hope that the next picture I take of my sock is it completed and not me upset that I ran out of yarn.

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Heather said...

It's looking really good!

And when you get top-down on four/five needles down, there is the magic loop or two circs. And then there are top-up socks!

I love knitting socks because there are so many different techniques, and it is fun to try lace or colourwork on a small project.