Thursday, July 16, 2009

Craftkitten Spore

Well my wonderful husband keeps teasing me that I leave little bits of yarn all over the place. I know that sometimes I do lose the occasion piece that has been stuck to me.

When I crochet in the car as a passenger I know that I get the fluff off the yarn all over the car sometimes. The best one was when I was using red yarn and it was flying all over the black interior of the car. It did leave a rather interesting layer on the dash board. Sorry dear.

The latest incident had both of us laughing rather hard. We were away for the weekend and of course I had my crocheting and knitting with me. I carried my bag back up to the apartment and that was the end of it for the day. Little did I know I had lost something.

The next day we went down to the parking garage and when walking to the car I noticed something on the ground. It just happened that when I was carrying my knitting bag back upstairs I dropped something. There on the ground in front of me was a one round granny square which I had made the day before. It had probably been run over a few times but it didn't look like it had so I picked it up and it's now a six round granny square.

So please remember that you may lose some of your craft spore anywhere.

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ChaosAdventurer said...

'May' leave craft spore? na, it is an all the time finding of it when living with a crafter, so I just call it 'CraftKitten spore' when it gets in the way. It was just too funny finding it on the garage floor. I wonder if anyone else even noticed it.