Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Moving things forward

Linen and Threads Mystery SAL'19 - Oct 2
Here it is the start of another week.  Of course, it is Tuesday, and there was no blog yesterday as it was a holiday here in Canada, so I took the day to relax.

Linen and Threads Mystery SAL'19 - I was able to pick up this project and get some more of the October section completed.  I only need to finish off the second squirrel, and this project will be finished another month.  I am looking forward to working on the border next and will see what that looks like.  This project continues to be something that I enjoy working on.  I enjoy seeing each section and now, with only two months to go on it, I know that we will be getting the border, so that will take some time to get done.
Linen and Threads Mystery SAL'19 - Oct 14

This project is the one that I look forward to seeing what the next section will be at the beginning of each month.  I understand that there will be a 2020 Mystery SAL as well, so now we are all waiting to see what the size is going to be so that we can start to get things organized for a January 1st start.

I hope to finish the October section this week and then this project will be put away again until October 31st when the November section is released.

Unleash the Butterflies - July 30
Unleash the Butterflies - this week, I decided that it was time to pick up a project that hasn't had a lot of attention for the last few months. I kept looking at this project and thinking about working on it but never did until this past weekend.  I only worked on getting a couple of colours added to a section of the design, but at least I have moved the project forward a little more.

Unleash the Butterflies - Oct 12
Another reason for working on this project is I found an Android app that will assist with working on full coverage cross-stitch projects, and it is called "Pattern Keeper."  This app makes it easy to each for a symbol on your pdf pattern and then mark them off as you stitch them.  This makes working on full coverage projects so much easier and even a little faster.   This app has only been available for the last couple of months, and it is still in Beta testing, so sure there may be a few little challenges that we deal with, but the developer is a stitcher and is working quickly to resolve any issues that we discover.

I hope to continue to work on Unleash the Butterflies more this month as I would like to see if I can get a bit more of it done.

Everyday Shawl - Oct 6
Everyday Shawl - I continue to work on this shawl a bit most days.  This past week I didn't get as much time to knit, but at least now the shawl measures 17 inches.  I still have a long way to go until the shawl is finished, but I love how it is turning out.

Everyday Shawl - Oct 14
The section of the shawl that I am working on needs to be 30.5 inches before I start adding in some buttonholes, so until then, I have an area of the shawl that is simple and quick to work on.  I will see how much knitting I will get done this week, as I think that this shawl might be a project that I try and focus on for a while.

Simple Yet Effective Cowl - Here is another project that got started in the last week when I wanted something that I didn't need to focus on too much.  The Simple Yet Effective Cowl is a free pattern on Ravelry, and it works up quickly.  When I started this project, I wanted something that I could work on a bit at a time and didn't have a finish a row.  This cowl is knit on a circular needle, so that means that I can work on it a bit at a time and not worry about ensuring I have enough time to complete a row.
Simple Yet Effective Cowl - Oct 14

I am now going to try and get some work done that is sitting here.  I hope everyone has a good week, and you find a bit of time each day to do something that you love doing. We will see what projects get worked on this week and until next week have a great week.

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