Monday, September 12, 2016

A week and different projects

Salmon Rose - July 2, 2015
 This week I decided that it was time to try and do something different for a while.

The first thing I did was to look at the projects that I have on the go and haven't worked on for quite a while.  The project that got picked up was Salmon Rose which hasn't been worked on since July 2015.  Yes, this project has been sitting for a year without any attention so I figured it was time to try and make a bit of progress on it.

Salmon Rose - Sept 7, 2016
I was able to spend one evening working on it and now to see when I will be picking it up again.  I do hope that I can continue to make some progress on it as I would like to see this one finished as there are a lot of meaning behind the rose. This is based on a picture of a rose that was in a basket for my husband's grandmother's memorial.  I am looking forward to seeing what this one looks like.

After spending a couple of evenings of not getting anything done I decided that I was going to pick up my knitting needles and see what I could get accomplished quickly.  I actually ended up casting on two projects the same day so now to see how both of them proceed.

Green Mindless Shawl
The first project that was started was a shawl and it is called "Mindless" and that is what it should be once I get a few more rows done.  The pattern is very simple as there are only two rows for the pattern so it does work up quickly.  The picture doesn't show the pattern too well but there are columns of either knit or purl stitches.  The columns vary in width so that is what makes it interesting to work.

I hope to be able to make some good progress on the shawl over the next while and will see how that goes as it is using a thinner yarn so it does take some time before you can really see some progress on it.

Diagonal baby afghan
After working on the shawl for a while I decided that I wanted to knit a baby blanket but wanted something easy to do.  The pattern I decided to make is a basic diagonal baby afghan.  You cast on and then increase to the two corners and then you decrease.  It is something that shouldn't take me too long to do but I will see how this one goes.  I started this on Friday evening and was able to spend a bit of time both Saturday and yesterday working on it.  I didn't spend lots of time as there were other projects that I needed to work on as well.

I am happy with the progress that I have been able to make on all three of these projects.  This week I am not sure what I am going to be working on.  I have a busy week ahead of me so will see what time I can find to work on the various projects.

I am happy having the different knit projects on the go as it gives me something different to work on than the baby hats.  The baby hats are still being made and the pile of them continues to grow.  Last month I was able to make 20 baby hats and will see how many I can get done this month.

It is now time to get some writing done for work and then I will see what time I have left today to try and craft.

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