Monday, November 23, 2015

Another week of crafting

v-stitch afghan - Nov 22nd
baby hats - Nov 22nd
This past week I wasn't really in the  mood to cross-stitch so I decided that I would like on a few other projects.

The v-stitch baby afghan is coming along and I am now just over halfway complete on it.  I was able to finish a second ball of yarn so that is nice as well as that helps me see that I am getting somewhere on the afghan.  I am still looking forward to getting this done prior to Christmas so that means I am going to have to work hard on it.
drawing - Nov 22nd

Besides crocheting on the baby afghan I worked on a few more baby hats.  Now these hats are finished being stitched but they still need the ends sewn in but that doesn't take me very long to do.  I hope to get the ends sewn in tonight so that these hats are out of the way and will go into the bag for a friend to take to the hospital for me.

The hats are something that are very easy to do and I do those while a passenger in a car as well as when I just need something very easy to work on at home.

One thing I did this week which I haven't done for a very long time was to get my drawing material out and actually do something.  I have had the drawing material out a few times but I just sit and look at everything and then put it away.  This time I decided to get a bit of drawing down and will see how it goes.  The picture is no where close to being finished as this is just a rough drawing so far.  Hopefully now that I have this much done I will be able to sit and enjoy filling in all the different things.

This week it felt good doing some different things and not even really thinking about cross-stitching.  I know that I have a lot of projects that I need to complete but taking the break probably did me a lot of good.  I am not sure if cross-stitching will get done this week but at least I have things to keep me busy.

It felt very good being able to accomplish what I did this week and I know that I have other projects that still need my attention but they just needed to wait.  Now it is time to get some work finished up so that this evening I will be able to curl up and craft.  I don't know what will get the attention this week but at least I have a few things to work on.

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