Monday, October 26, 2015

No progress

Butterfly - October 18th and 25th
I can sum up this week's progress by simply saying that I didn't get anything accomplished.

My cross-stitch pieces were left untouched and even the amount of crocheting that I did wasn't very much.  Now part of the reason for this is because I was busy doing some other things which mean that my crafting time was limited.

One thing I did do last week was worked at a polling station on election day.  This was something that I had always thought about doing so this year I decided that I was going to apply for a position and I got one.  The day is very long as you are at your polling station before polls open (1.5 hours) and then you are also at your polling station for at least half an hour after the polls close.  Yes it is a 14 hour day minimum and there aren't the breaks that you get when you work a normal job.

The rest of the week was spent trying to get some work done as well as spending some evenings watching television.  I am a Toronto Blue Jays fan so that meant that last week I was spending evenings watching the games hoping that they would win.  The one thing that I found was that during the playoff games I wasn't able to focus on crafting most of the time.  Sure, I was able to crochet a few baby hats but they also weren't made at the normal speed.

Now that the Blue Jays are out of the playoffs (which I am not happy about) I might be able to get back to doing some crafting in the evenings.   I have a couple of projects that I want to get done quickly so I am going to have to focus on them to do just that.

It is now time to see what work I can get today so that I can spend this evening hopefully crafting.

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