Saturday, August 30, 2014


Siux - August 17th
As I said last week I wasn't going to post another picture of Siux until she was entirely finished.  The good news is last night just after 11pm I put the last couple of stitches into the piece so she is now finished.

I am very happy with the outcome of this piece as it was taken from a sketch and I converted it into a cross-stitch pattern for myself.  I am so looking forward to hanging this on a wall so that I can look at it and enjoy it. There is one more picture that I want to take of her and that is when the sun is shining to really see the glitter in her wings.  Her entire wings have blending filament as part so I really want to see what she looks like in the sun.

Siux - August 29th
I really enjoyed working on this piece as it does have a lot of meaning to me.  The picture was drawn by Gerry Vail for me and he also helped me with the picture that I used for this pattern.  I needed something without a background so he did one for me with no background which I really appreciated.

It was such a great feeling seeing her come alive over the last few months and I am happy to say that I finished her in just under 5 months.  Of course it would have been faster without school, other projects and work getting in the way but at least it is now finished.

It is the long weekend so hopefully I will find a bit of time to sit and stitch.  Have a safe and happy long weekend.

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