Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Yesterday was Victoria here in Canada and a day for families to set off fireworks in the neighbourhoods. OK, there are places where you are not allowed due to by-laws to set off fireworks but a lot of parks and attractions do set off fireworks on the Monday evening.

After last night I know why some communities don't allow fireworks to be set off by anyone without a permit. I live in an area with lots of apartments with limited green space so firing off fireworks are difficult at the best of times. There is one park which is ideal because it doesn't have lots of trees in it because it is also a baseball field.

The setting off of fireworks started in my neighbourhood on Thursday afternoon. Yes, in the afternoon when you can't really see the actual fireworks you just get to hear the noise. This continued through the rest of the week and into the weekend. Yesterday, fireworks started just around noon and continued until after midnight.

Now, as I said I live in an area with lots of apartment buildings and limited green space. The fireworks at one point where being set off the 17th floor of an apartment building from a balcony. The fireworks were actually being hand held to set them off and point them in various directions. An injury waiting to happen. Another group were firing off the fireworks off the sidewalk by laying the fireworks down and letting them go in whatever direction the fireworks went. This means into the grass, onto the road and into the sides of cars.

Fireworks are to be sold to anyone over the age of 18 but the kids that I saw setting off a lot of there fireworks sure didn't look 18 to me. I understand that older family can be buying them but if that is the care the older family member should also be supervising the setting off of the fireworks in the correct manner.

Fireworks are nice to see when they are set off in a safe way and for a limited length of time. The fireworks going off for five days and at various times of the day and night are not fun.

I understand why some communities doesn't allow fireworks. Maybe my area needs to consider this but the biggest challenge would be the enforcing of it.

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Heather said...

People use the splash pad in the park by our building. My only issue (besides the noise), is that they tend to leave large piles of used fireworks next to the garbage cans. If the garbage isn't picked up quickly, kids play with them.