Sunday, January 26, 2014

Weekend crafting

Cirque des cercles - Jan 24th
This weekend I decided that with it being so cold out that I would spend my weekend crafting.

Cirque des cercles - Jan 26th
Yes I spent most of the last two days at home and crafting and doing things that I wanted to do and not thinking too much about work.  The projects I planned on working on were the cross-stitch Cirque des cercles and a children's afghan that I also had on the go.

It was for me a bit of a challenge to not think about all the things that I needed to work on for work while taking this weekend to myself.  Yes I needed the time to relax and do things that I enjoy doing.

Afghan - Jan 24th
I decided that I would focus on two projects so that I have some change but I didn't want to focus on too many otherwise I wouldn't see any results by the end of the weekend.

Cirque des cercles is the cross-stitch project that I would like to have finished by December 31, 2014 so that was a simple project to pick and work on this weekend.

The other project that I picked was an afghan made of granny squares that I have been working on.  I had all the squares crocheted I just had to sit down and actually work on putting the 48 squares together.  Before the weekend I had 19 squares together .
Afghan - Jan 26th

I am happy with what I got down this weekend because I can see some change in Cirque des cercles and I actually finished the afghan.  The afghan measures 50 inches x 64 inches so it is a little bigger than I had planned but that is fine.

What I really did this weekend was show myself that I could spend an entire weekend at home and enjoy it.  During this weekend yes I did think about the things that I needed to work on but I also taught myself that things are still going to be there Monday morning and I don't need to always be working.  I need the time to relax and recharge my own battery by doing things that I enjoy.

It is now time for me to go to bed so that I can get to work tomorrow morning on the things that are waiting for me.

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