Monday, September 23, 2013

New cross-stitch project.

New cross-stitch project as of September 22, 2013
So last week I sat down and pulled most of the threads that I needed for my new cross-stitch project. I didn't have all the threads and not sure why so went out yesterday and picked up the last 14 colours for this project.

Of course I was so excited to start this that I had to put some stitches in the fabric to see what it was going to look like. Now this project has three parts to it so I decided that I wanted to see what it looked like so am doing one part of the project on a different fabric and over two threads. This gives me the opportunity to make small changes to the pattern before I work on the large piece over one thread. Now the one part that I am doing is going to be 12.5”x5.5” on 28 count even-weave over two threads. So you can imagine if I had of decided to do the entire piece over two threads it would have been 21.5”x12.25” so as I didn't want it that large I decided to do it over one thread.

The picture is where the cross-stitch ended last night. I am going to be very busy with work over the next couple of weeks so not sure how much work I will actually get done but am going to try and put little bits of time into this project as I want to see what it looks like.

Now can you figure out what this pattern is of? Two people who read by blog know what the project is but it still looks interesting right now because you can't tell what it is of.

It is now time for me to get some work done so that maybe tonight I can put a few more stitches in this piece.

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