Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Long Weekend accomplishments

1st Weaving attempt
This weekend was a three day weekend here in Canada and it felt so good to be able to relax and know that I had three days to try and get a few craft things done.

So as I mentioned a couple of weeks ago my DH bought me a weaving loom.  He had put it together a week ago but considering I had a couple of work deadlines I waited until this weekend to attempt my first project.

Closer look at 1st scarf
My first project was a scarf which ended up about 4 inches wide and about 5 feet long.  Yes I aimed big on the first one.  I also decided that I wasn't going to do it all one colour so the warp is 4 colours.  The warp isn't a lot of fun to do but once you get it done you know that it's time to sit down and start weaving.  So on Saturday evening I started my first scarf.

I really enjoyed weaving and before noon on Sunday I had completed the first scarf and had the warp on for a second scarf.  (Sorry no pictures of completed scarves yet.)  Can you say I loved my loom considering the second scarf was also finished on Sunday.

After finishing the second scarf I figured it was time to do something different for a bit so I worked on a couple of baby hats and got them finished on Sunday.

Monday, being another day off meant that I could sit and relax again.  So late Sunday I put on the warp for a third scarf.  That scarf was quickly completed while sitting on our balcony Monday afternoon.
Cricket Loom ready for first 10inch project

After completed three scarves all about 4 inches wide I decided it was time to attempt something the full width of my loom so I set up a shawl/scarf for myself Monday afternoon and got it started.  The first attempt didn't work out too well as I pulled the weave a little too tight and it ended up a uneven so took it out and restarted.  The second attempt is looking a lot better so now to try and get it finished this week.  Yes, I am using up some of my stash with my loom.

Did I have a good relaxing weekend?  Yes, I sure did.  I am finding it difficult thinking about work right now but I know that if I work hard today I can go home and weave again this evening.

So off to work as I can hear my loom calling me already.

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Heather said...

Wow! Great progress. I'm glad you are enjoying your loom.