Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Stealing some stitch time

I know that when I posted yesterday I said I was going to stitch Wednesday night and I still have that planned.  Yesterday after getting some studying done I decided that Creating Yourself was calling out to me so I picked it up and added a few more stitches to it.  There is no picture today but will post one after I stitch on it tonight.

Creating Yourself has really made me what to stitch which for me is something.  I so often start a cross-stitch and after a day of working on it I get bored and it gets put aside for a while.  Here is a project that now that I have started it I really want to see what it looks like finished.  Sure I know that there are still quite a few days/evenings work ahead on it but I keep wanting to work on it.  Maybe one reason is the saying and another reason is the butterflies.  I haven't added the saying yet and I think that is going to be one of the last things I do before the metallic and beads.

Now to work on some studying today so that I can take this evening to stitch and then post a picture of what it looks like.

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