Sunday, September 25, 2011

Lapghans for veterans

This past Friday we dropped off nine different lapghans to the Veterans Wing at Sunnybrook.  I have to say it gave me a wonderful feeling knowing that these lapghans are going to be used and appreciated. 

The picture is of one of the lapghans that was dropped off and this one is based on a Sudoku puzzle.  These are a lot of fun to make but it does involve a lot of checking as you do them to ensure that each of the nine blocks are different.  What I did was solved a Sudoku puzzle and then used it to plan this lapghan.  I know I am going to be making more of this type as they are a lot of fun to do as well as they use up lots of bits of yarn as you only need nine small squares of each colour.

The  lapghans are now gone and it's time for me to start thinking of my next project as I do have lots of yarn that needs to be used up and a lot of different ideas going through my head right now.

Off to see what inspires me next.

For more info on sizes go to I have given some sizes and a few more examples that I have done.

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