Friday, June 3, 2011

Kids and Knitting

Last Friday I had a chance to start teaching 6-11 year old children how to knit.  I have an hour each Friday until the end of the school year to teach the children.

Last week I had six children and I have to admit it sure was an interesting challenge.  One of the little girls knew how to knit so she was no problem.  I had two little boys in the group and one sure didn't want to try and the other one at least tried and his mom even got to see him doing a little bit.  The three girls that I had for most of the hour did ok and now this week I will see how much they actually got done.  I am looking forward to this week as I have another 7 children in the group so will see how it goes.

We are trying to have them make a scarf but I think even if the children can make a square they are going to be happy.  The scarf is just 16 stitches and it is garter stitch, yes a basic scarf so will see how it goes.

Need to get ready for this week's session and will see how it goes.

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